In the Ryazan Region a discussion launched about recovery of the machine tools industry

17 January 2014


The Ministry of Industry of the Ryazan Region and SASTA OJSC (Sasovo) have outlined joint activities towards restoration of the machine tools industry in the region. Talk of the sector’s present condition and requisite measures drove the meeting which took place in the middle of December last year. The manager the relevant agency M. Pronin, as well as the regional head, O. Kovalev, spoke about the fact that the machine tools industry is the basis of industry generally and, accordingly, the quality of the modernization of everything, including enterprises of the defense industry complex, depends upon its development.

Following the visit, the governor vouched to recruit the leaders of regional enterprises who had managed to maintain their productions.

Moreover, the creation of joint enterprise based on SASTA OJSC is planned with Stankoprom OJSC (Moscow), which would, it is expected, have the exclusive right to deliver machine tools to Russian defense industry; gear grinders, lathes, and other machine tools will be produced. The enterprise has already secured orders up to 2020.

SASTA OJSC is, by in large, the only dynamically developing machine building enterprise in the region. Its leadership has managed to undertake the necessary modernization in time. The equipment of SASTA OJSC totally meets all modern demands and enables the production of high-quality, next generation machine tools.